Merkel’s bloc in Germany has lowest rating since 2006

Public ratings for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc that seeks to leave behind an argument over migrant policy, which shook the coalition, has fallen to its lowest level since 2006, according to a ratings poll.

Canadian-British news agency Reuters reported on Sunday, July 30, citing a poll published in German Bild am Sonntag showed Merkel’s Christian Democrats and their sister party, Bavaria’s Christian Social Union at 29%, compared to 33 percent in the 2017 election.

The coalition partners, the The Social Democrats have not gained support from those losses, also going lowed by a point to 18 percent.

Earlier this summer, Merkel’s coalition was in danger due to fundamental differences on migrant policy with her Bavarian partners who wanted tighter national border controls and European Union level solution was reached to resolve the issue.

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