Medicines for people with mental disorders to become more accessible in Latvia


To improve accessibility of medicines for people suffering from psychological and behavioural disorders, Latvia’s government decided to expand the list of diagnoses eligible for state-compensated medicines on Tuesday, 23 April. The government also increased compensation amount for several already covered diagnoses for such patients.

«It is important for patients suffering from chronic diseases to receive medicines and start treatment in time. This helps improve their quality of life and allow them to integrate in society. Because it is not always possible for them to purchase necessary medication, Healthcare Ministry plans to expand the list of compensated medicines for patients suffering from psychological and behavioural disorders,» the ministry explains.

Amendments to Cabinet of Ministers requirements provide 100% compensation of medicines for diagnoses F71 Moderate mental retardation, F72 Severe mental retardation and F73 Deep mental retardation.

Until now 100% compensation for these diagnoses was available only for children under 18 years. «These changes will serve as serious support for families with relatives suffering from the aforementioned diagnoses,» comments the ministry.

As for other diagnoses, compensation amount will be increased from 50% to 75%. This is meant to improve accessibility of medicines. 75% of state compensation has been set for diagnoses: F73 Depression episode, F23 Acute and transitive psychotic disorders, and F90 Hyperkinetic disorders.

«This will improve treatment options for patients, including children,» the ministry stresses.

In total, it is planned to divert EUR 831,900 from European Commission’s permitted budget deficit deviation for this.

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