Maxima Latvia to invest EUR 23 mln in the expansion and customer service upgrades

In 2018, Maxima Latvija is planning to invest EUR 23 million in retail chain expansion, reconstruction of stores and customer service upgrades, as the company’s representatives informed.

Of this amount, EUR 22 million will be invested in retail network expansion and store reconstruction. In addition, more than EUR 1.2 million will go to improving customer convenience through the development of self-service checkouts, and around EUR 200,000 will be invested in improving customer service.

In total, Maxima Latvija is planning to reconstruct 15 stores in Riga and the regions this year, as well as open at least seven new different stores across Latvia, including a Maxima XXX supermarket at the fashion and recreation center Riga Plaza that will open already this week, June 7.

“Residents’ shopping habits are changing and market players have to offer increasingly broader ranges of goods and services available in modern, accessible shopping environment and in line with the modern-day pace of life. Maxima Latvija keeps up with the latest shopping trends and lifestyle changes and, for the second year in a row, is advancing into a new segment: last year it was the first Maxima XXX supermarket opened at Domina Shopping mall, while this year we have launched operations in the convenience store segment,” points out Maxima Latvija CEO Andris Vilcmeiers.

As reported, Maxima Latvija turnover amounted to EUR 723.054 million last year, or 4.2 percent more than in 2016, while the company’s profit rose 1.9 times to EUR 23.224 million.

Maxima Latvija was registered in November 2000, the company’s share capital is EUR 4.91 million.

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