Mass protests in Yerevan oppose Armenia power shuffle

Mass protests in the Armenian capital have resulted in clashes with police as protesters continue a series protests aimed at a perceived power grab by the ex-President of the Caucasus country, Serzh Sargsyan.

Belgian-based news portal EurActiv reports citing Reuters news agency that on Monday, April 16, some 6,000 people gathered in Yerevan to block central streets and scuffles with police broke out, where a number of people have got injured.

Armenia’s ruling Republican Party nominated Sargsyan, who has performed the duties of the President for 10 years since 2008, as its candidate for the post of Prime Minister on Saturday, April 14.

The Armenian parliament, has recently elected Sargsyan’s ally Armen Sarkissian, an ex-Prime Minister, to the post of the President in a move intended to mark the start of a power transition to the head of government and parliament.

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