Lukiskes prison in Vilnius to be officially closed


Lukiskes Remand Prison in central Vilnius will be officially closed on Tuesday, with the last 74 arrestees and inmates moved on Monday, informed LETA/BNS.

All in all, 599 people, including 227 arrestees and 372 inmates have been moved out of the prison since early January.

The prison building will be handed over to state enterprise Turto Bankas (Property Bank) and it will decide what to do with it.

“We hope that at least part of the property will be sold and we will get funds for making the punishment system more effective. (…) But the most important thing is that people will no longer see barbed wires in central Vilnius,” Justice Minister Elvinas Jankevicius told.

A discussion will also be held within the next two weeks on what the prison premises could be used for.

All in all, the prison complex includes six buildings near the country’s parliament, Supreme Court, the national library and the Foreign Ministry.

The prison complex, incorporating a prison, hospital, production and administration building and the Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church, has been on the list of cultural valuables since 2002.

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