London blames EU of Brexit bias, denies support to EU aid fund

The British government has refused to support the budget of an development aid fund of the European Union, which totalls 30 billion euros, but has instead blamed the European Commission of biased attitude against UK-based organisations the country’s leaving the bloc.

British news portal The Guardian wrote on Tuesday, November 6, that London issued a statement accusing the commission of failing to offer the best value for money for European taxpayers by discriminating against British-based organisations that were seeking funding.

The criticism was made in response to a commission decision to include clauses in its contracts with aid providers stating all funding will be stopped and that British aid providers would be required to pay cover the loss of funding in case of a no-deal Brexit.

Britain is a major donor to the European development fund, of which it will remain a contributor until 2020, and whose goal is «poverty eradication, sustainable development and the gradual integration of the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific countries into the world economy».

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