Lithuania’s Labour Party leader not to stand for election


Lithuania’s Labour Party has named Vigilijus Jukna, a former agriculture minister, as their lead candidate for the October parliamentary election.

Meanwhile, MEP Viktor Uspaskich, the party’s chairman, will not stand in the election at all.

“I see myself in the executive branch, so I’m the party’s candidate for prime minister,” Uspaskich told reporters on Thursday evening after the party’s council announced the line-up of candidates.

“If the election is a success, I’ll resign [as MEP],” he added.

MP Valentinas Bukauskas is number two on the list, followed by businessman and former MEP Antanas Guoga, MP Mindaugas Puidokas, and Vilnius city councilor Ieva Kačinskaitė-Urbonienė.

According to the latest Vilmorus opinion poll published by the daily Lietuvos Rytas on Saturday, 6.2 percent of respondents would vote for the Labour Party, up from 4.6 percent in June’s poll.

Lithuania will elect its next parliament on October 11.


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