Lithuania’s coronavirus count rises to 14

Two new  coronavirus   cases were confirmed in Lithuania on the night to Monday, brining the total number in the country to 14, the Health Ministry said.

One of the people with Covid-19 has recently returned from Spain and the other one returned from Germany. They are both isolated and undergoing treatment at Santara Clinics in Vilnius.

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“Fourteen Covid-19 cases have so far been confirmed in Lithuania. All of them are brought-in. The first patient has already recovered and been released home,” the ministry said.

The Lithuanian government put the country under quarantine on Monday. During this period, foreigners will not be allowed to enter the country, with certain exceptions, while Lithuanian nationals are not allowed to leave without a reason. Non-essential shops and all schools, kindergartens and universities will be closed.

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Three coronavirus were confirmed on Sunday and three over the previous day. Lithuania’s first Covid-19 patient was diagnosed with the disease on February 28.

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