Lithuania’s chief of defence visits American troops in Pabradė


Lithuania’s Chief of Defence Valdemaras Rupšys visited American rotational force troops stationed in Pabradė, the Ministry of Defence reported on Thursday.

Rupšys inspected the living conditions of the American troops, Host Nation Support provided by Lithuania, needs and combat readiness plans.

“It’s another piece of evidence that the US remains our strong and reliable ally, unquestionably meeting its commitments to the whole region,” Rupšys was quoted in the ministry’s statement.

The US unit deployed in Lithuania comes from the 1st Armored Battalion of the 9th Regiment, 1st Division, U.S. Army, based at Fort Hood in Texas. The troops also brought their heavy equipment, including around 30 Abrams tanks, over 20 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, other vehicles.

A company-size unit of around 200 US troops was stationed in Lithuania in 2014-2017 in response to the annexation of Crimea by Russia. The rotational unit was later withdrawn when a German-led NATO battalion was deployed in the country.

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