Lithuania’s Ardekas installs ОМЕТ XFlex X6 hybrid offset machine

Lithuania-based linerless label manufacturer Ardekas has deployed ОМЕТ’s XFlex X6 offset printing machine at its undisclosed facility to boost printing capacity.

The machine is equipped with offset and flexo printing units as well as cutting units and longitudinal cutting module.

The machine allows Ardekas to also print unsupported films and self-adhesive labels as well as thermal labels.

ОМЕТ said that Ardekas’ was seeking to purchase a machine, which has capability to achieve high quality products with minimal production time and waste.

Ardekas required printing of products with a high lineature of the image, using offset units to produce finishing by applying a large layer of specialized inks, as well as white and primer using flexo units.

OMET said that its XFlex X6 new hybrid press, featuring offset and flexo units, has achieved Ardekas’ objectives.

In a statement, OMET said: “The ideology of application of sleeve technology in the offset units of the XFlex X6 machine, using sleeves for the printing plates and blankets, allows the printer to make the most efficient use of production time and minimize the loss of time when switching to print a new job.

“When changing the print report, the machine operator has the opportunity, during the printing of the previous print run, on a special assembly table, to set the printing plates and offset rubber on the corresponding sleeves and then in a few seconds to change them in the printing machine.”

In order to reduce waste paper, the machine allows operators to set the zero position of the plate sleeves using servo-drive technology and the automatic register system.

Ardekas is claimed to be only manufacturer of linerless, self-adhesive labels without substrate, in the Baltic States.

Operating a modern web line for the production of self-adhesive paper, the firm also manufactures self-adhesive products in a wide range, made from various combinations of materials with partial adhesive coating.

Additionally, Ardekas produces blanks for self-adhesive labels for food and industrial goods, packaging, bar coding, descriptions of goods, labels for scales.

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