Lithuanians to make electric vans more powerful than Teslas

The Lithuanian automotive company Elinta Motors has built an electric minibus engine equipped with a battery twice as powerful as that of Tesla, the engineers say.

Elinta Motors plans to take four different electric minibus models manufactured in Lithuania to the country’s streets by the end of next year. The vehicles used for public transport will be fully manufactured in Lithuania.

“All electronics, installations, and outer body parts of the minibus are built in Lithuania,” Laurynas Jokužis, head of Elinta Motors, said. The battery built by Elinta Motors is even more powerful than the one used in Tesla cars, according to Jokužis.

The electric minibuses are suitable for public transportation as the charging stations can be placed along their routes. It will take up to two hours to charge the bus which can then travel for more than 200 kilometres. Such a journey will use up 90 kWh of electricity and will cost 11–12 euros.

According to the head of Elinta Motors, electric vehicles will also be more efficient than the diesel ones because they will return some of the energy back to the battery when braking. However, electric minibuses are still twice as expensive to produce than their diesel counterparts due to the cost of the batteries.

The company is planning to start manufacturing electric minibuses next year.

This year, the European Union has allocated 20 million euros to promote greener transport and renew public transport stock in Lithuania.


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