Lithuanians hit the polls to elect new parliament

Lithuania is holding a parliamentary election on Sunday amid coronavirus pandemic.

The polls open at 7:00 and close at 20:00 local time (GMT 3).

Voters have been urged to wear personal protective equipment covering their nose and mouth, to bring their own pens and a personal ID document when arriving at the polling station.

One hundred and forty-one lawmakers are being elected to the Lithuanian Seimas for a four-year term. Seventy of them are elected from political parties’ candidate lists, and 71 in the single-member constituencies. Seventeen political parties have produced candidate lists for the election, with no coalitions established.

Voter lists confirmed by the Central Electoral Commission include 2,449,683 citizens with the right to vote.

Political parties will win seats in the multi-member constituency if they manage to collect at least 5 percent of votes from the total number of votes in the election.

The second round of voting in the Seimas election will take place on October 25. In each single-member constituency, two candidates who received the most votes in the first round will vie for seats in the run-off round.

The newly-elected Seimas usually hold its first sitting in mid-November.


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