Lithuanian student draws courier into improvised graduation ceremony

The coronavirus pandemic has forced universities to cancel graduation ceremonies – but that is not the reason not to dress up in a robe and an academic cap, even if you accept your diploma from a courier.

Laurynas Kanapeckas, a medical student from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in Kaunas, was a little disappointed – he would not be receiving his hard-earned diploma from the university rector in a festive traditional ceremony.

Instead, the document would be delivered to him by mail.

Still, when Kanapeckas received a message that his package was about to arrive, he grabbed a flatmate’s robe, asked a friend to take pictures and involved the unsuspected courier into an improvised graduation ceremony.

“It must have been a jolly day for our courier, delivering diplomas from the early morning,” Kanapeckas told

The man seemed willing to go along – he agreed to pose for a photo and shake the graduate’s hand.

“The other [graduates] were visited by less cheerful couriers, they just left packages by the door and ran away,” Kanapeckas smiles.

The nationawide quarantine, introduced in mid-March, the work of Lithuania’s universities. While classes soon resumed online, holding a traditional graduation ceremony was out of the question.

“We did not expect that diplomas could be delivered otherwise [than by mail] during a quarantine. But then it ended, events were allowed. Still, the university said that it would be a mail delivery,” Kanapeckas said.

“I was a little disappointed. My fellow students reacted in different ways: some didn’t care that much, others resented,” he added.

Some universities, however, decided to hold proper graduation ceremonies once Lithuania lifted quarantine in June.

During the event of Vilnius University’s Faculty of Philology this week, one student accepted a diploma and a proposal from her boyfriend.

Another proposal was staged during the graduation ceremony at Mykolas Romeris University.


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