Lithuanian Motorised Infantry Brigade Griffin affiliated to the Danish Division

On May 22 Lithuania and Denmark signed a Memorandum of Understanding on affiliation of the Motorised Infantry Brigade Griffin of the Lithuanian Armed Forces to the Royal Danish Army Division. It marks the beginning of regular participation of the staff and personnel of the MIB Griffin in Danish-arranged training and exercises.

The document was signed by Commander of the Lithuanian Land Force Brigadier General Valdemaras Rupšys and Denmark’s Chief of the Army Staff Major General Hans-Christian Mathiesen during exercise Saber Knight 2018 in Latvia.

“Our friendship with the Danish Division is strong and tested over time. Generations of Lithuanian officers have been enhancing their expertise and skills through joint training events with Danish soldiers in Denmark or in Lithuania,” Brig Gen V. Rupšys said.

According to Land Force Commander Brig Gen V. Rupšys, Lithuanian Armed Forces brigades have to be able to operate within a larger military unit, however, only foreign militaries that have divisions can provide such invaluable training opportunities.

“The training events with brigades from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia provided by the Danish Division not only create a multinational operational environment but are also beneficial in numerous ways for the training brigades and the Danish Division. I am fully convinced that this joint project with the Baltic States will continue in the future. A great proof of the quality of the cooperation is the present affiliation of the Motorised Infantry Brigade Griffin to the Danish Division,” Chief of the Army Staff Maj Gen H. C. Mathiesen stressed.

Affiliation of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Motorised Infantry Brigade Griffon to the Danish Division deepens the long-standing cooperation between Lithuanian and Danish militaries and enhances the countries’ bilateral relations. Earlier the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf was affiliated to the Danish Division, it was decided to affiliate it to the German Division when training interaction with Germany and German-led NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group had grown stronger.

Partnership in defence has bound Lithuania and Denmark since the very re-establishment of Lithuania. When Lithuania accessed NATO in 2004, its Armed Forces had to integrate into the Alliance’s military structure. The Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf was affiliated to the Danish Division as of 2006, officers were enhancing their knowledge and expertise in the staff training cycle organised by the Danish Division.

The Danish Division is the supreme operational headquarters in the Royal Danish Army focusing on commander and brigade staff level training to plan and complete joint operations in composition of a multinational division. The Danish Division is also assigned to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and the Multinational Corps Northeast.

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