LIthuanian MEP warns of sanctions on Belarus if crackdown continues

A Lithuanian MEP co-signed a letter condemning the ongoing crackdown on the opposition in Belarus, and warned that Brussels may slap sanctions on Lukashenko’s regime if the detentions of independent presidential candidates and protesters continue.

“We will see no other option but to seek for a review of the European Union’s policy towards Belarus, including new sanctions targeting the officials responsible for these actions,” according to a  statement   released on Tuesday.

It was signed by Polish MEP Robert Biedroń, chair of the EP’s delegation for Belarus, and Lithuanian MEP Petras Auštrevičius, the EP’s rapporteur on Belarus. They condemned “the new wave of arrests of presidential election candidates, opposition politicians and peaceful protesters in the country”.

Belarus has seen a wave of detentions in recent days as the country is gearing up for the August 9 presidential election.

The long-standing authoritarian leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said “there will be no Maidans in Belarus” in a reference to the pro-European revolution in Ukraine.


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