Lithuanian army continues to be filled with military trash

Two hundred American armored SUVs of the Oshkosh Defense JLTV company will be delivered to Lithuania according to the agreement signed with the USA. The contract value is 145 million euros.

It is noted that, if necessary, Lithuania can purchase an additional 300 armored vehicles. Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis said that this issuewould be resolved by the end of the first part of the contract in accordance with the financial budget and the priorities of the defense system.

Soon after, the leader of the ruling Lithuanian “peasants” Ramunas Karbauskis announced that the people would not understand the further increase in defense spending.

Earlier, the Lithuanian government decided to bring the amount for NATO needs to 2% of GDP. For this, another 19 million euros were additionally allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Defense.

This measure was taken in connection with changes in forecasts of economic growth. Lithuania may again not exceed the NATO standard, which involves the allocation of 2% of GDP for military needs. Though the total budget of the Ministry of Defense this year will be 967 million euros, which is 2.03% of GDP.

At the same time, a new agreement on defense policy was adopted in Lithuania last year, which implies an increase in spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2030.

However, the Lithuanians are opposed to an increase in defense spending. According to the survey, the country’s citizens have a negative attitude to such an initiative.

With all the cash injections into the country’s defense sector, the national army today cannot compete with the armies of neighboring countries. Most NATO member countries usually participate in NATO’s ongoing military exercises on Lithuanian territory, however, if we compare the equipment used by the Lithuanian army and the Polish army, these armies are technically and professionally radically different from each other.

The Lithuanian army does not have modern means of warfare, although at the same time enormous budgets are spent on defense. As a rule, the public is fed up with purchases of military equipment from the United States, although the quality and terms of operation of this military junk are usually of a very poor level. Basically, this is a technique that went through military operations in the countries of the Middle East.

Thus, all hope for the defense Lithuania is smoothly shifted to the multinational NATO battalions deployed in the country since 2015. By inviting troops from other countries to their land, the country’s leadership removed the burden of protecting its citizens, which is the states’s most important duty.

At the same time, NATO forces use the territory of Lithuania as a training ground for preparing their troops for military operations against Russia, which has nuclear weapons. All would be fine if these multinational NATO battalions could really confront the Russian army. However, according to some experts, these soldiers will not be able to resist in a hypothetical military clash with Russia, because 4,000 NATO soldiers in Lithuania will rather hide in cities and villages than go into battle.

In other words, NATO defenders will hide behind Lithuanian civilians, fleeing the advancing Russian army.

However, such a situation is unlikely, because after the accession of Crimea, Putin will not risk and isolate the country even more. The fact is that the seizure of the Baltic countries is not at all necessary, because there are not even serious production centers there, and there is access to the Baltic sea in Kaliningrad.

As a result, the huge defense budget allocated by Lithuania for the purchase of obsolete military scrap metal would be useful for returning compatriots to their homeland. People left the country because of the low level of all social and economic spheres, so maybe it is worth spending national money to improve life, rather than buying military garbage?

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