Lithuanian and U.S. air capabilities exercised together in Kazlų Rūda Training Area


On March 20 the Lithuanian Armed Forces and the 2nd Bomb Wing of the U.S. Air Force trained together in an exercise at the Lithuanian Armed Forces Brigadier General Kazys Veverskis Training Area in Kazlų Rūda where aviation firing range is suitable for aircraft to deliver fire at ground-based targets. It was also the first time digital battle control systems were used.

“The United States is our strategic partner and such exercises involving strategic military air capabilities of our ally demonstrate a strong and steadfast U.S. support to Lithuania through reliable deterrence and ability to send help expeditiously in the face of a threat,” Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis says.

Assets training in the exercise were the b-52 U.S. strategic bomber, C27J Spartan of the Lithuanian Air Force, L-39 light attack aircraft, Scan Eagle unmanned aircraft, and U.S. and Lithuanian tactical air control parties.

Troops trained to operate in a multinational environment while providing control to several types of aircraft and completing different types of tasks that require precision and accuracy, quick reaction and exact coordination simultaneously. The training event was aimed at improving the ability of Lithuanian and U.S. forces to act together and to train tactical air control and attack procedures.

“Training alongside our allies and peer units of the U.S. Air Force enhances our readiness and long-term strategic relations, and that is vital for addressing global challenges. The United States is organising such air force missions around the globe on a regular basis in order to showcase the steadfast U.S. commitments to its allies and partners. This exercise is a confirmation of the U.S. commitment to defend the security of the Baltic region,” Defence Attaché of the United States to Lithuania Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. McVey says.

The United States is Lithuania’s strategic partner and key ally for the security of the Baltic region. The U.S. actively participates in the implementation of the Assurance Measures in the Baltic states thus strengthening security and stability in the region. The country contributes soldiers, equipment and finance to the defence of our region. According to the European Deterrence Initiative, the financial support for strengthening defensive capabilities and improving military infrastructure of European countries, including Lithuania, is consistently increased by one third every year. The U.S. is also among the main partners in weaponry procurement. Lithuania is acquiring anti-aircraft missiles, turrets for combat vehicles, Javelin anti-tank systems, JLTV armoured vehicles, and other equipment from U.S. manufacturers.

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