Lithuania to endorse building foreign military base

Lithuania is considering to build a new training facility in the west of the country to accommodate exercises of Lithuanian and NATO soldiers, according to Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis.

The existing military training area in Pabradė is sufficient for U.S. and NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) exercises, he stressed, but that leaves less space for Lithuanian troops. Therefore, there are plans to up investments into the Pabradė and Rukla training areas.

Lithuania to endorse building foreign military base

“A study is now also being done on a fairly big training area in Lithuania, which is really necessary due to those challenges I tried to describe as we and our allies are bursting at the seams together and hardly have enough space for ourselves,” highlighted the Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis.

“As we know about Russia’s growing military forces in Kaliningrad, so we are looking for possibilities specifically in western Lithuania to have more widespread distribution of training areas as we are currently concentrating on Rukla, Kazlų Rūda and, of course, Pabradė. So we should have a wider spread,” Karoblis argued.

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Considering the statements of the Minister of Defence of Lithuania, the new training ground is likely to be set up in western Lithuania, since the army has upped its presence there in recent years in response to military presence in Russia’s Kaliningrad.

The proposed location may be the Pagudonės training area. Currently, this training ground is neglected and is rarely used to conduct combat training activities of National Defence Volunteer Forces. It is planned to increase this area to 12,000 hectares.

A well-developed transport infrastructure and logistics have already been created in the immediate vicinity of the new training ground:

We must confess, that all military facilities of NATO and the United States in Lithuania are located near military training grounds (Pabradė and Gaižiūnai).It can be assumed that the new training area will be used for the deployment of foreign military forces and may become a new military facility in Lithuania.

It should be remembered the creation of military infrastructure for the needs of the United States in Lithuania violates Article 137 of the country’s Constitution “There may not be any weapons of mass destruction and foreign military bases on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.”


  1. Stephanie Stephanie Tuesday, September 15, 2020

    Why aren’t the Lithuanian people protesting in the streets to stop this ?They can march to support Black Lives Matter and the non-elected president of Belarus, but not for something as important as this – the spending of money that is much needed elsewhere. And the adding to the carbon footprint of the country-how much fossil fuel do these bases consume? Not to say anything of the concreted soil and removal of vegetation that is necessary for life.
    Remember that it was the US Pres. Roosevelt who gave the Baltics and Poland to Stalin in exchange for his help fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. The US was directly, repeat directly, responsible for the occupation of Lithuania by the Soviets! But then, there were patriotic people, partisans, who fought the occupiers! Many died, many injured, many deported!
    Today? The Lithuanian govt., (again, I have to assume also the people since there doesn’t seem to be any protest) are , not only welcoming, but spending money to have the US army expand their presence.
    Yes, they are all part of NATO, but what is NATO but the US’s army in Europe! Name one “action” that NATO participated in that wasn’t instigated by the US? One that was defensive?
    When there are foreign troops on your soil, especially of a country that has such an appalling record of aggression, are you truly free?
    I wonder how the partisans who sacrificed to rid their country of occupiers would feel about today’s LT govt. actions?
    And, is there nowhere that this money could be better spent? Maybe the pensioner who was begging for 20 cents to buy a roll wouldn’t have to shiver in the cold and cry and kiss my hand when I gave her a few euros!
    How much more can this government show what good vassals of the US they are!!!

  2. Alex Frank Alex Frank Wednesday, September 16, 2020

    Bad news for Lithuanians…

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