Lithuania to challenge Mobility Package in EU Court of Justice

Lithuania will contest the EU’s Mobility Package, a major reform package regulating European road transport, in the European Court of Justice, the government decided on Wednesday.

The Cabinet gave the go-ahead for the Justice Ministry to launch legal action for a partial annulment of the Mobility Package and two related EU regulations.

According to the Justice Ministry, a number of rules in the package – the compulsory return of trucks to their country of registration, cabotage restrictions, and the enforcement of drivers’ posting and rest rules in the absence of a necessary infrastructure – run counter to Lithuania’s political and economic interests and will negatively affect its businesses.

The most contentious provision requires trucks to return to their country of registration at regular intervals. The authors of the rule say this will help combat the practice of registering fictitious transport companies in lower-tax countries.

Eastern European governments maintain, however, that the new rules will push haulage companies of the so-called peripheral EU countries out of the market and increase pollution on the roads.