Lithuania sends additional troops to Mali

Lithuania has sent additional troops to the mission in Mali in response to request by its allies, according to the country’s Defence Ministry.

The squad of some 10 troops from the National Defence Volunteer Forces (KASP) – Lithuania’s territorial military units – departed the country on Tuesday.

They will join the UN-led stablisation and peacekeeping operation MINUSMA in Mali. Thirty-two Lithuanian soldiers are currently deployed in the west African country.

The Lithuanian troops in Mali operate in the country’s eastern province of Gao in cooperation with the German force. The main mission of the Lithuanian troops is to protect the military camp.

Launched in July 2013, MINUSMA is considered as the UN’s most dangerous peacekeeping mission, as over 200 troops have been killed in action.

Five members of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) were  injured alongside French and Malian troops in July 2019 when suicide bomber attacked the UN camp in Gao, where the German and Lithuanian troops are also present.


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