Lithuania records positive net migration once again in June

Lithuania recorded positive net migration once again in June as the number of people arriving in the country from abroad nearly twice exceeded the number of those leaving, figures from the country’s statistics office showed.

Some 4,206 people, including 2,401 Lithuanian citizens, came to the country last month, compared with 3,069 in May and 3,310 in April.

The total number of people who left Lithuania increased to 2,053, including 1,136 Lithuanian citizens, in June, from 1,708 in May and 1,741 in April.

According to Tomas Siaudvytis, a senior economist with the central Bank of Lithuania, migration flows of Lithuania’s citizens tried to normalize in June but they now looked “much different compared to the pre-pandemic period”.

“The number of Lithuania’s citizens returning to the country decreased considerably between March and May. However, it rose again in June after the lifting of some travel restrictions,” he told LETA/BNS.

“The number of emigrating Lithuania’s citizens also showed a slight increase but remained well below the pre-pandemic level… The number of people daring to emigrate is not significant now, given the current high level of uncertainty over finding a job abroad,” the economist said.

Immigration has exceeded emigration in Lithuania for more than a year. The last time a negative migration figure was recorded was in January 2019 when 68 more people left the country than arrived.

Last year, around 10,800 more people came to Lithuania than left as 40,100 people immigrated and 29,300 emigrated, according to the latest estimates from Statistics Lithuania.


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