Lithuania publishes relocation guide for Belarusian firms

Invest Lithuania, the country’s state-funded investment promotion agency, has published a guide for Belarusian businesses seeking to relocate.

According to Invest Lithuania, companies that create at least 20 jobs for at least three years can relocate within three working days. Business operations can be set up in less than a month.

After protests in Belarus kicked off following the rigged August 9 election, internet outages have left the country’s sprawling IT sector especially vulnerable.

Now, some of these companies are considering moving to Lithuania, according to Invest Lithuania.

“We are speaking with several dozen companies and that number is constantly changing,” Invest Lithuania said in a comment to LRT English, adding that most of the companies operate in the IT sector.

The main challenge now is to streamline migration procedures, including allowing remote visa applications.

“We also shouldn’t forget the questions of relocation and integration, especially in the cases when [the people] consider moving with their families,” according to Invest Lithuania.


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