Lithuania, Poland mull joining forces for negotiating smaller medicine prices

In the agreement signed by Aurelijus Veryga and Lukasz Szumowski, the countries pledge to cooperate on the improvement of the healthcare systems in both countries and make services even more accessible for people.

According to Veryga, the agreement is very necessary and long-awaited as it will allow getting better results, for example, letting the two countries to jointly negotiate medicine prices and to “ensure that people had to pay smaller surcharges for medicines.”

“Finally, we will be able to start creating a better healthcare future with our closest neighbors. Such a thaw in our relations, first of all, will contribute to the wellbeing of every person, both in Lithuania and Poland,” the Lithuanian health minister said.

Lithuania and Poland also agreed to cooperate in the areas of healthcare reforms, medicines and medical equipment, the prevention and control of communicable diseases, the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases, early diagnostics and treatment.

The two countries also agreed to help each other plan and manage human resources in the healthcare sector, share their experience in the area of the e-health and innovative healthcare system.

Lithuania and Poland also pledge to develop international healthcare and provide emergency healthcare services in border regions.

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