Lithuania on track to lift quarantine next week, says health minister

Lithuanian Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said the country is on track to lift the nationwide quarantine on June 17.

Lithuania has previously  adopted a four-point criteria to lift the quarantine, which includes for at least 90-percent of all new cases to be linked to existing clusters.

Twenty cases of Covid-19 were confirmed over the weekend, with most of them being linked to a party in Kalveliai near the lithuanian capital.

“Those cases are linked to existing clusters with very clear locations,” meaning the virus isn’t spreading among the general population, the minister told LRT RADIO on Monday.

Although the quarantine would be lifted, a state of emergency would remain in place, allowing the government to apply measures to “isolate” breakout points, according to Veryga.

Quarantine could also be put in place in localised places, including in individual towns.

“If we see that the disease is spreading somewhere, we can take localised quarantine measures,” said Veryga.

The nationwide quarantine was put in place on March 16 and has been extended several times. Unless extended again, it will expire on June 16.


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