Lithuania leader insists People’s Vote is possible if UK rejects deal

Lithuania’s President said British people could vote again on Brexit if Theresa May fails to get her deal through Parliament.

Dalia Grybauskaite told reporters meeting EU leaders at the Europa building in Brussels that if MPs fail to back the Prime Minister’s agreement there are four possible outcomes.

She said there could be another ‘vote of the people’, another general election or renegotiations on the current deal with no deal being the fourth potential outcome, although Mrs Grybaukaite did not publicly refer to no deal.

Mrs Grybauskaite said: “Everything could happen, at least four possible scenarios.

“There could be a return for vote of people, it could be new elections, it could be a request for negotiations.

“There are at least four calculated.”

The Lithuanian President added EU leaders “would like to see everything settled as soon as possible.”

European Union officials are pressuring Theresa May to ensure the deal get’s Parliamentary approval but have put a relaxed face on in public.

Known in Lithuania as an ‘Iron Lady’, Mrs Grybauskaite said the situation “is not know our concern, it is British concern.”

“I am not sure divorce could be perfect at all, there is nothing good in that for all sides.

“We have a summit between us and we are going to agree on the Withdrawal Agreement and then of course it will be for Britain to decide what to do next.

Asked how the EU was able to get Spain on side to ensure today’s summit went ahead, Mrs Grybauskaite said leaders were able to use some “tricks” to persuade Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

“Usually there are some, I can joke ‘tricks’, we promised to promise.

“Usually when we promise we deliver, sooner or later.”

Mrs Grybauskaite, who has been Lithuania’s President since 2009 and the first woman to lead the country commented on the mood in Brussels.

She said: “I would not say that we are happy.

“The feeling is of the withdrawal of Britian and it reality is in our minds.

“We will endorse the agreement but there is nothing good for any side because it is a withdrawal from European Union.

The Communist Party of Lithuania leader added the Brexit process is still far from over.

She said: “The process will still be long, starting from today then finishing by the final minute of the transition period.

“Then the final withdrawal will occur.”

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