Lithuania deploys troops to airports, seaport amid coronavirus concerns

Lithuania has deployed several dozen troops to airports and the seaport of Klaipėda to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The soldiers from the National Defence Volunteer Force (KASP) in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda will inspect and register arriving passengers, according to the Lithuanian Armed Forces.  Read more:  No new coronavirus cases in Lithuania – health minister

“The soldiers have received instructions from the Lithuanian Armed Forces Military Medical Service personnel and personal protection gear before deploying,” according to the press release.

Thirty-five soldiers will be on duty at all four sites at a time.

The soldiers “will be helping the National Public Health Centre employees to instruct passengers, collect contact information, and quarantine if necessary,” the military said. “The duty starts as of today with no end term set.”

KASP is a territorial defence unit part of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, and is made up of civilians who also take part in military duties.


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