Lithuania: Changes To Eurovision National Selection To Be Considered For 2020


The Head of Delegation for Lithuania has stated that the broadcaster will investigate changes to its selection for Eurovision 2020.

Speaking to, the Lithuanian Head of Delegation and Selection Producer have confirmed that LRT will be considering changes to its selection process for Eurovision 2020. Following comments from the selections producer, a number of suggestions have been made regarding potential changes. These include fewer shows, a more transparent jury and opening the contest to non-Lithuanians.

Mr Giržadas confirmed that LRT will be having discussions ahead of the 2020 selection, to discuss potential changes to the nations Eurovision selection process. He hopes to bring together representatives of the Lithuanian music industry, as well as the TV industry to evolve the selection show.

The Head of Delegation wishes to learn from neighbouring broadcasters, including the Estonian broadcaster. ERR changed the rules for its 2019 selection to allow foreign singers to compete in Eesti Laul. The matter is something that Mr Giržadas wants to discuss with music industry representatives within Lithuania.

Who is Jurij Veklenko?
Jurij is from Klaipedia on the Lithuanian coast and was born in 1990. He has previously represented Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest as a backing singer. In 2015 he was one of four backing vocalists for Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila with “This Time”.

He has also taken part in Dainuoju Lietuvą , Lietuvos talentai and Lietuvos talenta. He will be performing “Run With The Lions” in Tel Aviv. He placed 11th in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2019.


Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest
Lithuania debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994, however on their debut they finished in last place with nul points. Lithuania didn’t return to the contest until 1999 when Aiste finished 20th with the song “Strazdas”. Lithuania’s best result came in 2006 when LT United performed “We Are The Winners”; they finished 6th in the final with a total of 162 points. Lithuania’s only other top.10 finish came in 2016 when Donny Montell performed “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” in Stockholm, he received 12 points from the public in Ireland, Norway & United Kingdom.

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