Linas Linkevičius: we need to focus more on cooperation in the area of security

On 19 June, Linas Linkevičius, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, met with foreign ministers of the Nordic, Baltic and Visegrad countries in Stockholm (Sweden).
The ministers discussed security matters and preparation for the NATO Summit, hybrid threats, relations with Russia and Ukraine, the European Union (EU) Eastern Partnership, the EU agenda, and cooperation in the area of energy.

“We must improve and support societal resilience not only in Eastern Partnership countries but in our states, too, since the scope of disinformation and propaganda is growing,” the Minister said. He also noted that both Europe and NATO needed to focus more on cooperation in the area of security which should embrace hybrid threats and cyber security.

During a debate on energy, Minister Linkevičius underlined that priority should be given to the operation of a self-standing electricity system of the region and its smooth disconnection from the Russian and Belarusian grid. In this context, the construction of the Ostrovets NPP which raises serious safety concerns because of violations of international requirements is a serious challenge that the whole Nordic-Baltic region and its neighbouring countries face.

While in Stockholm, Minister Linkevičius had a meeting with Urban Ahlin, Speaker of the Riksdag, to discuss initiatives of bilateral cooperation between Lithuania and Sweden.

Annual meetings of foreign ministers of twelve Baltic, Nordic and Visegrad countries (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary) started in 2013. Lithuania is to host a meeting of this format next year.

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