Libya opposed to EU’s idea to establish migrant centres in North Africa

Libya is against the solution of the European Union to set up migrant centres in the North African country as a means to keep migrants from arriving in the bloc and Libya would not be convinced with financial support, its Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj has noted.

Canadian-British news agency Reuters reports on Friday, July 20, that Italy has suggested proposed reception and identification centers for migrant processing in Africa as a means of resolve divisions among European governments over how to handle migrants arriving in large numbers from Africa.

«We are absolutely opposed to Europe officially wanting us to accommodate illegal immigrants the EU does not want to take in,» Sarraj stressed to German daily Bild.

Libya is a main departure point for migrants trying to reach Europe often on flimsy inflatable boats provided by smugglers that often spring leaks or break down.

As to arrivals in the European Union to date in 2018, the UN Migration Agency has stated that 51,782 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea, compared to 110,189 in the period in 2017. The number of people having died on the way this year is 1,490 the UN estimated.

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