Levits says new public service media law vital for quality of democracy

The new law on public service media and their management is vital for the quality of democracy, President Egils Levits believes.

LETA was told at the president’s office that Levits made his opinion about the draft legislation known to the Saeima Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee which is readying the bill for the second reading in parliament.

Commenting on the draft law on public service media and their management, Levits turned attention to its objectives and basic principles, public service remit, the management of public service media, creation of the office of media ombudsman, as well as issues concerning the financing of public service media.

The president believes that the public service media have to be provided with predictable long-term funding, but he does not think that the size of this funding should be established as a percentage of GDP.

Levits has also called against merging the editorial boards of public service media as he fears this might reduce the diversity of information.  “Even if they are merged, each public service broadcaster should maintain its own editor in chief and board,” the president said.

In Levits’ opinion, the Public Mass Media Council should have three members, with Saeima, president and the Cabinet of Ministers’ council for the implementation of the cooperation memorandum each delegating one representative to the council.

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