Levits: More US troops in Poland ‘good news’ for Baltic states


The planned deployment of more US troops to Poland is “good news” for the Baltic states, Latvia’s president has said.

Speaking in Warsaw on Wednesday, Egils Levits said that “each new American soldier in the Baltic Sea area, in Poland, and on NATO’s eastern flank in general, strengthens the security of the entire region,” public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported.

The new Latvian leader was in Warsaw for talks on bilateral ties and regional security with Polish President Andrzej Duda and other officials.

Poland’s Duda told reporters at a joint news conference with Levits that he had briefed his Latvian counterpart on the details of military agreements Poland had made with the United States in recent months.

America will deploy around 1,000 extra troops to Poland, a staunch military ally fearful of Russia, under a declaration signed by the Polish and US presidents at the White House in June.

Roughly 4,500 American troops are already stationed in the country.

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