Latvian 5G conference confirmed for November

‘5G Techritory’, a  top event about 5G technology in the Baltic Sea region, confirmed August 12 it will return for a third year in a row on November 11-12, 2020.

“Embracing the virtual format and with key events streamed live from Riga HQ, 5G Techritory will take place remotely through a new, custom-built digital conferencing platform,” said organisers. This year the event will   go on in a custom ‘phygital’ (physical-digital) format, they added.

This year, 5G Techritory’s focus is “A year of 5G: Learning from experience, adjusting for the future”. The 2-day event will be held virtually on a custom-built platform with key presentations live-streamed from the main stage in Riga. The platform is set to provide the most advanced digital conferencing experience to date, featuring multiple stages, networking opportunities, side event “rooms”, sponsor scavenger hunts, audience interaction, and more. Only registered and confirmed attendees will be granted access to the platform, though the event itself is free of charge.

Prime Minister of Latvia Krišjānis Kariņš lent his support to the event.

“One year ago with active support from the government, Latvia became one of the first countries in the world to launch the 5th generation communication network, thereby providing Latvian entrepreneurs and researchers with unprecedented opportunities. We’ve jumped into the fast-moving 5G bandwagon, and seeing as the global reality requires digital solutions in practically every industry, haven’t since looked back,” Kariņš said, adding that it will be “a demonstration of the Baltic Sea Region’s resolution to continue to move ahead and be among the world’s leaders in 5G.”

5G Techitory will feature speakers from corporations including Nokia, Qualcomm, DOCOMO and AT

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  1. Stephanie Stephanie Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Why are not the serious health consequences of 5G mentioned when these corporate conferences are held?
    Why has a canton in Switzerland banned 5G? Why has a school in California which had rented its roof for 5G towers demanded that they be taken down??( Answer-Cancer!! just 2 examples)
    It would seem that the Corona virus pandemic would have highlighted even more how important health is-the most important factor in a person’s life!!
    Yes, personal health, not more tech!!!

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