Learning data analytics in Cēsis

In the future at least 1% of Cēsis residents could be working at various IT and data analytics companies, as 135 people have already applied to an initiative that includes three months of training to become a data analyst.

“These skills can be used in almost any industry, whether it’s sales, marketing, finance or anything, these data analysis skills grow more important with every year because processes become automated, and it’s important to substantiate decisions with data,” said Squalio representative Einārs Garona.

The goal of the  Cēsis district municipality is to strengthen competitive lifelong learning by offering residents the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary for the modern labor market. There were about 10 applicants for every training spot in the program organized by “valsts#196” in cooperation with the municipality, data technology company Squalio and the Cēsis branch of  Rīga Technical University  .

14 of the 28 applicants have already begun training, and they were selected based on their motivations and previous experience with data processing. The most successful applicants will be invited to work at Squalio.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to take these courses in our home town, get a diploma and become competitive in the job market,” said Cēsis resident Tomass Kučinskis.

“These skills are part of the digital sector, which is the new development theme for our area. We see great potential there,” said Cēsis District Council Chair Jānis Rozenbergs (Unity). Depending on how successful the first courses are, the municipality is considering cooperation with other IT industry companies in developing digital skills training for Cēsis residents.


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