Latvia’s travel ‘red list’ remains unchanged

The Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC) revised its weekly data November 20 on countries upon arrival from which self-isolation must be observed, but again advised against traveling.

Self-isolation must still be observed by arrivals from all countries where the 14-day cumulative incidence rate exceeds 50 per 100 000 inhabitants.

This means that all European countries, except the Vatican, remain on the ‘red’ list for the third week in a row. 

Some non-European countries are on the ‘white list’, upon arrival from which no self-isolation is required. These countries are the same as last week: Uruguay, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Rwanda, New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand.

50 cases per 100,000 of population has been set as the standard threshold after several weeks during which it was adjusted according to the relative situation in Latvia and other countries. However, with COVID-19 strengthening its grip in most countries, the sliding scale has been ditched in favor of a simpler metric. Latvia’s 14-day cumulative incidence rate at the moment is 239.7, up from 207.6 a week ago.

Ja esi bijis attēlā norādītajās valstīs vai šķērsojis tās tranzītā, obligāti ievēro 10 dienu pašizolāciju! Ar jaunākiem valstu saslimstības rādītājiem varat iepazīties šeit:   — (@SPKCentrs)  November 20, 2020  

SPKC specialists recommend that you carefully consider the need to go abroad, assess the risks and do not expose yourself and others to the risk of infection.

International passenger transport is allowed only to European countries where the cumulative incidence rate does not exceed twice the EU average.

The list and requirements of self-isolation comes into force on November 21 at midnight. Prohibition of passenger transportation comes into force on the third day after the list is published i.e. November 23.

The full list of countries is  available at the SPKC website  , in English, Latvian and Russian, along with advice on how to follow the self-isolation rules and the conditions applying to all persons, be they Latvian nationals or other nationalities.

We have also attached the list in PDF format to this story for your convenience.


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