Latvia`s Tele2 invests EUR 1 mln in regional base stations’ connections to optical network

Latvia’s Tele2 mobile operator has spent EUR 1 million connecting its 4G base stations to the optical network, thus boosting the 4G network’s capacity roughly tenfold, the company’s spokesman Oskars Firmanis informed.

He indicated that Tele2 has connected its central base stations in Latvia’s regions to the optical network to ensure greater network capacity in areas where demand for mobile data is higher and consumers use mobile internet service most actively.

The operator’s statistics show that data consumption is mobile devices has grown more than 30 times over the past five years and that an average consumer uses around 13 gigabytes of data per month.

Tele2 technical director Liga Krumina said that several dozen Tele2 base stations across Latvia have been connected to the optical network, which will allow significantly enhancing the network’s capacity in a much wider region, not only around the base stations.

Krumina also informed that Tele2 has been using Latvenergo power utility’s infrastructure to connect the 4G stations to the optical network.

As reported, Tele2 closed 2018 with EUR 131.432 mln in turnover, up 4.6% against a year before, while the company’s profit grew 6.6% y-o-y to EUR 30.904 mln.

Tele2, registered in 1995, has a share capital of EUR 3.486 mln. Its sole owner is Sweden’s Tele2 Sverige Aktiebolag.

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