Latvia’s State Audit urges residents to evaluate transport infrastructure quality in Riga

State Audit urges Latvia’s residents to participate in a survey and provide their opinions on the quality of Riga’s transport infrastructure. This is important for Riga residents and guests of the city – pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and people using public transport services, as mentioned in the announcement.

The State Audit wants to know residents’ opinion in regards to development of Riga’s infrastructure development and what has been accomplished so far.

The State Audit has commenced an inspection to determine if Riga plans, forms and maintains its transport infrastructure in an effective and economic manner. Auditors look at organization of important tasks and how effectively and economically the municipality acts. Focus is put on development of different infrastructure objects associated with transports, including park-and-ride parking lots and bicycle paths.

«In theory Riga municipality understands that it is important for people to have a convenient way to travel from point A to point B regardless of the chosen form of transport. Nevertheless, complaints about different problems are often heard. Looking at how Riga’s plans and goals are reflected in actual work, it is important for us to learn residents’ opinions regarding the quality of transport infrastructure,» State Audit explains.

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