Latvia’s president proposes serving in the interest of society, not some narrow group

For society to trust politicians, their implemented policy cannot be selfish – it needs to be believable and clear, says Latvia’s President Egils Levits.

«First of all, Latvia needs a policy that serves the interest of all society, not some narrow groups or even worse – be selfish. Secondly, politicians have to be trustworthy and use convincing arguments, not chase after ratings. Politicians have to be certain that what they are doing is the right thing to do,» said Levits.

The third characteristic mentioned by Levits is the need for politicians to explain their position to society.

«I must admit that explanations are too often left forgotten. We cannot forget the importance of explaining our actions, because good and comprehensible arguments should be used to explain why we act the way we do. I think it would improve the trustworthiness of our government’s policies.»

As president, Levits is committed to doing «exactly what I say and what I believe to be right». «My actions will not be aimed at maintaining high ratings at any cost. I think long-term ratings reflect the actual actions of officials. And I put emphasis on actions, on […] my priorities. And I believe this matches the interest of the majority of society. And so I believe ratings will be acceptable and solid. I will not disappoint because I will do everything I say and I will not do this for the sake of ratings,» said the president.

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