Latvia’s population slightly down in 2018, migration at ”zero” level – statistics

Last year the number of Latvia’s population slightly decreased, but it is related with a smaller number of newborns in the country, not with migration, said Central Statistical Bureau head Aija Zigure in an interview with commercial LNT television today.

She said that the data on the population are preliminary and will be finalized in a couple of months.

According to the preliminary data, the number of population in Latvia dropped by 9,000 people last year.

There is no mass emigration recorded. The number of people moving abroad is about the same as the number of people returning back to Latvia, thus, migration has been at “zero” level.

Speaking about welfare, Zigure said that the average income in Latvia has exceeded EUR 1,000 gross. The economy also showed a growth, inflation has been on a “healthy” level, and unemployment has dropped.

The negative aspect is that the well-off residents have seen their income grow 14 percent, while the poor households just 5 percent.

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