Latvia’s party financing problem may be resolved in autumn

The topic regarding financing of political parties may receive a resolution in autumn 2019, said Latvian Defence Minister Artis Pabriks after a meeting of the Cooperation Council on Tuesday, 2 July.

Pabriks said coalition parties discussed the way the topic regarding financing of political parties should be handled. «This is a serious topic because in Latvia support for parties’ activities is minimal. We lose the democratic process because of that,» said Pabriks.

He explained that politicians should reach an agreement in regards to the most appropriate model to help enhance activities performed by political parties and reduce their dependence on different sponsors.

This also means allocating funding for parties from the state budget, said Pabriks, refraining from commenting the exact amount it could cost the budget. «We have yet to reach an agreement on this, because there are multiple different models. We will discuss everything in the Development Committee, work group, and then pick the most appropriate variant,» said Pabriks.

Funding allocated to parties, according to Pabriks, should be enough for them to function normally and help reduce funding difference when compared to other Baltic States.

«We cannot function without serious financial support, and then there are all kinds of speculations as to where we get our money. This is not right,» says Pabriks.
The politician refrained for giving any specific time frame as to when the topic could be resolved. He only said that within the next week parties will pick their representatives for the work group. «The matter will be resolved as quickly as politicians are able to reach an agreement. But I think this topic should not be postponed. This is why we should tackle it as soon as possible,» said the politician, adding that it could be resolved around autumn this year.

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