Latvia’s forming coalition promises to be more open to opposition

The forming coalition in Latvia may consider proposals from the opposition and even support the more constructive of them, said prime minister candidate Krišjānis Kariņš in a conversation with journalists on Thursday, 17 January.

The politician said parties have agreed on a cooperation agreement. However, the document still requires some corrections. So far politicians have also agreed on the fiscal discipline agreement.

Previously coalition parties often rejected everything submitted by opposition parties. Now, however, potential partners have reached an agreement in regards to considering proposals from the opposition, explains Kariņš.

It will be necessary to separate constructive initiatives from less constructive ones, said the prime minister candidate, adding that this could be done during cooperation meetings.

After this Thursday’s talks, partners have come one step closer to finishing the government declaration and other relevant documents. The meeting is planned for 12:00 this Friday, as well as Saturday if necessary.

«Can we possibly discuss everything in two meetings? Possibly, yes,» said Kariņš, adding he is ready for additional meetings if need be. He explained that implementation of a special policy is currently being discussed.

Kariņš stressed that the government declaration will not consists of general statements – it will have specific political goals.

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