Latvia’s fire fighters finally put out turf and forest fire in Valdgale

Considering that the active phase of battling the massive fire that has devastated Valdgale these past couple of weeks, Latvia’s State Fire and Rescue Service has thereby concluded its work at the site.

An assessment of the situation in Valdgale Parish and Puze Parish on Monday, 6 July, showed that since no open flame, smouldering or smoke is observed within the safety perimeter, there are no risks for people there, as concluded by SFRS.

The battle against the fire was long and tough. Fortunately it is no longer necessary to utilize as many resources to monitor the situation in Valdgale. Control over the situation has been handed to Latvian State Forest Service.

SFRS extend their gratitude to all who participated in battling this fire.

The fire in Valdgale reportedly started at a turf bog in the evening on 17 July. The fire then spread to a nearby forest. To total burning area was estimated at around 1,000 ha. Some smouldering is still observed at the site. Experts are at the site, observing the situation.

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