Latvia’s army will need well-trained soldiers in coming years

Latvia’s army will require modernization and well-trained soldiers in the near future, said Commander of Latvia’s Armed Forces Lieutenant General Leonīds Kalniņš in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

He explains that modernization must not stop for a single moment. Otherwise the army will lose its combat readiness.

«Secondly, we need soldiers – highly professional soldiers. There is no point in procuring arms and equipment of soldiers aren’t properly trained,» Kalniņš explained.

He admits that soldiers’ training intensity keeps increasing every year. With that, «team and individual training allows soldiers to perform tactical operations on a very high level, which is important when it comes to ensuring the country’s safety.»

The 99th birthday of Latvia’s army or Soldiers Day was celebrated at Esplanade in Riga this Tuesday, 10 July. Saeima plans to add this day to the list of celebrated days.

As reported by Defence Ministry, Latvia’s army was formed 10 July, 1919 by combining North Latvian Brigade and 1st Latvian Separate Brigade. Several months later, on 11 November 1919, this newly-formed army liberated Riga from Bermondt-Avalov forces. After the Battle of Cesis, when North Latvian Brigade together with Estonian forces won in a decisive battle against Baltic German Landeswehr and German Iron Division. The Ceasefire of Strazdumuiža was signed on 3 July. Three days later North Latvian Brigade entered Riga, where they were received by southerners. On 10 July an order was given to Latvian army. In accordance with this order, General Dāvids Sīmansons was appointed as supreme commander of Latvia’s army.

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