Latvia’s army to test UAVs from a local manufacturer

Latvia’s National Armed Forces have been supplied with UAV systems from Latvian manufacturer UAV Factory and Atlas Aerospace for testing purposes, as confirmed by Defence Ministry.

The supply of UAVs will enhance Latvian National Armed Forces’ surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, as well as indirect fire support capabilities, explains the ministry. UAVs can also be used to provide support in search and rescue operations.

«The testing of the UAV systems is an important step forward to keep our forces supplied with modern technologies and further contribute to Latvia’s state security,» says Defence Minister Artis Pabriks.

Defence Ministry notes that in 2018 a contract was signed with Latvian UAV manufacturers UAV Factory and Atlas Aerospace for the supply of UAVs to Latvia’s National Armed Forces. Cooperation will be performed gradually – one batch of UAVs after another for subsequent testing purposes.

In the event of successful partnership, it is planned to continue by continuing the adaptation of UAV systems, they development and modernization in accordance with the needs of National Armed Forces.

Systems provided by UAV Factory and Atlas Aerospace will be tested by NAF during exercises and practical demonstrations. Analysis is being performed to determine their technical indexes. Procurement, maintenance and modernization costs are being analysed and compared to alternatives on the market. UAV Factory and Atlas Aerospace meet the requirements for the National Armed Forces UAV development concept, the ministry explains.

UAV Factory was founded in 2009. It has offices in Latvia and USA. UAV Factory is one of the leading suppliers of UAV systems in the world. The company’s UAVs and video cameras are sold in more than 50 countries for military, civilian and academic purposes.

The 2016-founded Latvian company Atlas Aerospace manufactures UAVs. Atlas Aerospace sells its products in multiple countries, including France, Germany and Netherlands.

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