Latvian Security Police detains pensioner under suspicion of spying for Russia

Latvian Security Police has detained a Latvian pensioner. The man is suspected of spying in Russia’s favour. The detainment took place last week. The man has been put under arrest, according to information from LETA.

SP has yet to provide comments on the situation.

As previously reported, SP launched two cases in relation to spying in Russia’s favour. This year, Vidzeme District Court in Madona sentenced a citizen of Latvia to conditional deprivation of freedom and released him in the courtroom.

The accused, Juriks Stilve, was sentenced to a conditional deprivation of freedom for a period of three years and six months. He had remained under arrest since December 2017. The time he spent under arrest was added to his penalty.

The accused denies his guilt.

The other case was launched by SP in 2016. The accused is Aleksandrs Krasnopjorovs, a railway technician at AS Latvian Railway. He is accused of filming footage of the transportation of NATO armoured vehicles within Latvia’s territory and sending footage to Russia.

In May 2018, Krasnopjorovs was sentenced to prison for one year and six months, as well as community service for 60 hours and probation for one year and six months.

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