Latvian prime minister receives access to official secrets

Constitution Protection Bureau has issued Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš with a permit to access official secrets. Six ministers remain in the process of evaluation.

Seven ministers have either been approved for the issue of permits or are in the process of permit re-registration.

Six ministers are in the process of evaluation. The decision will be made as soon as the evaluation process has concluded, CPB explains.

CPB Director Jānis Maizītis had previously said that CPB’s evaluation usually lasts a couple of months. The law states the maximum length of an inspection is three months. If need be, however, the term can be extended for another three months. A negative decision by CPB can be appealed in the prosecutor’s office and after that in court.

There are seven separate points in accordance with which a person can be denied access to confidential and especially secret information. For example, access to official secrets can be denied if the person is under sanctions or other kinds of restriction of rights. Permits can be denied if a person is a former USSR or other non-EU or NATO member state’s security service operative or agent.

As it is known, on 23 January the 13th Saeima approved Latvia’s new government with 61 votes.

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