Latvian prime minister denies claims of his family having ties to offshores


On Wednesday, 13 March, Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš denied in an interview to LNT 900 seconds programme claims regarding his family having ties with offshores in Cyprus.

The prime minister explained that he did own property in Riga, which has since been written off to this wife. She then sold this property and invested the money received from the sale into capital of a new company. Shares in this company were subsequently sold later.

Kariņš believes every government leader has different opponents and different ways these opponents attack him. This is his, Kariņš said.

As for the situation in Riga City Council and Rīgas satiksme, Kariņš said he will depend on the judgement of Environment Protection and Regional Development Minister Juris Pūce. As it is known, the minister has promised to come up with a proposal within a month’s time.

The prime minister added – some twenty five years ago corruption in Latvia was definitely worse, but the government will pull through regardless.

Unfortunately, Latvia’s corruption watchdog can expect no increase in funding anytime soon. Although Kariņš praises the work done by KNAB, he said the state budget cannot afford allocating the EUR 1.5 million KNAB Chief Jēkabs Straume has requested.

In regards to the candidacy of Central Election Commission’s public relations officer Kristīne Bērziņa as a potential head for this institution, Kariņš said her experience in CEC will ensure no emergencies in the organization of European Parliament elections.

Kariņš also confirmed that he has a plan of action in case suspicions regarding Welfare Minister Ramona Petraviča’s husband paying envelope wages to his employees in SIA Monēta prove true.

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