Latvian president to travel to U.S. and France

Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis will make a working visit to the United States to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump and will also go to France for a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, the Latvian president’s office said.

Vejonis will be visiting the U.S. on April 2-7. He will participate in the summit of the Baltic presidents and U.S. President Donald Trump on April 3.
“During the summit dedicated to the Baltic states’ centenaries it is planned to adopt the declaration which is expected to carry a strong political message regarding the U.S. support to Baltic security and defense. The summit is to outline further U.S.-Baltic cooperation, in particular in security and defense, as well as cooperation in business, energy, education and other fields,” the Latvian president said.

After the summit in Washington, D.C., Vejonis will go to San Francisco and Silicon Valley for meetings with
Facebook and Google companies. He will also visit the U.S. representation office of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency, meet with the Latvian businessmen working in Silicon Valley and representatives of the Latvian diaspora in San Francisco and New York.

In conclusion of his visit to the U.S. the Latvian president will attend the NBA game between the New York Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks dedicated to Latvia’s centenary.

On April 8-9, Vejonis will make a working visit to France. The meeting with the French president is planned on April 9.

“It is important for Latvia to be part of active Europe, part of the discussion about the future. The meeting of the presidents of the three Baltic states with the French president will be our opportunity for direct participation in the discussion about the future of Europe,” Vejonis said.

In conclusion of their visit to France, the presidents of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia together with the French president will open an exhibition “Symbolism in Baltic Art” dedicated to the centenaries of the Baltic states in the Orsay Museum in Paris.


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