Latvian president nominates NCP leader Jānis Bordāns for the post of prime minister

Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis has decided to entrust the formation of the government of the Republic of Latvia to New Conservative Party’s candidate Jānis Bordāns.

The president invited him to form a new government within two weeks and secure majority support for it. If no agreement is reached by 21 November, the president will pick someone else to form the government.

NCP was third during Saeima elections. The party has received sixteen seats in the new parliament.

Politicians elected to the Saeima have yet to reach an agreement in regards to the government and composition of the coalition. Six political parties are involved in the government formation talks – NCP, KPV LV, Attīstībai/Par!, National Alliance, Union of Greens and Farmers and New Unity.

Three political parties have taken the initiative in government formation talks – KPV LV, NCP and AP. Each party has picked their own prime minister candidate: KPV LV has picked Aldis Gobzems, NCP has picked Bordāns and AP has picked Artis Pabriks.

Until now no particular prime minister candidate was outlined in government formation talks. NCP has made it clear it will not work in the same coalition with the Union of Greens and Farmers. Other parties, on the other hand, have mentioned readiness to work with this party.

The president has met with all parties elected to the 13th Saeima and prime minister candidates. Vējonis had previously criticized political parties for failing to reach an agreement on the coalition quickly.

According to information from LETA, in 1993 Bordāns participated in Saeima elections from Latvijas ceļš. Bordāns was not elected, but was accepted to the parliament with a ‘soft mandate’. In the Saeima he worked in the Legal Affairs Commission, Parliamentary Inquiry Committee and the investigation commission responsible for looking into Lattelecom activities.

Bordāns did not work in other Saeima’s before being elected to the 13th Saeima.

He did candidate in Riga City Council elections – in 1997 as a candidate of Latvijas ceļš and again in 2017 as a candidate from the New Conservative Party. He was also elected to Riga City Council. His party now works in the city council’s opposition.

Bordāns has experience working in other posts as well. For example, in 2010 he was then the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis’ advisor and parliamentary secretary. In 2012 he was the acting parliamentary secretary to Justice Ministry.

In 2012 Bordāns became the candidate proposed by the National Alliance for the post of Latvia’s Justice Minister. One year later, however, the party turned to the prime minister and informed him of the plans to pull Bordāns from this post.

Valdis Dombrovskis, said he would not request Bordāns to step down. He explained that it was necessary to finish the minister’s proposed reforms as previously agreed by the coalition’s work group. Bordāns lost his post in Justice Ministry in November 2013 along with other ministers after Dombrovskis stepped down after the tragedy in Zolitude.

In 2014, Bordāns became one of the founders of the New Conservative Party.

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