Latvian president has «Plan B» if parties fail to pick a prime minister candidate on their own

If parties involved in government formation talks fail to pick a prime minister candidate on their own by Monday, 26 November, they might not get a second chance, said Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

The president did not hide the fact that he has a ‘Plan B’ at the ready. He did not say what this plan entails, however. He only said «parties may not like it». The president did mention that this ‘Plan B’ does not include Saeima’s dissolution.

«I have given them [parties] time until Monday to pick a prime minister candidate. 26 November, you could say, is a critical moment. If parties fail to reach an agreement by then, they will not be given this right again,» said the president.

When asked about the possibility of including Harmony in the new government, the president reminded that not a single party elected to the Saeima has mentioned any desire to work with Harmony. This means such a scenario is not possible at the moment.

When asked if Vējonis has any red likes of his own against Harmony, he said all groups of society are represented in the parliament. All parties in the Saeima should be involved in the government formation talks. At the same time, Latvia should maintain its Euro-Atlantic course.

When asked who he would pick as the next prime minister candidate if parties fail to come up with one on their own, the president did not mention any surnames. He did make it clear that it’s important to look at Saeima deputies first and candidates not represented in the parliament second.

Vējonis did criticize parties for failing to communicate and work actively to find common ground. ‘From what I’ve heard from conversations in the back stage, no real talks are organized at the moment – there is some silence. Deputies sit in their trenches and wait for the president to nominate someone,’ said the president.

He said he hopes parties will be able to use the remaining three days productively and will be able to present their offer on time.

As previously reported, Latvia’s president did not nominate a new prime minister candidate after his meetings with parties represented in the Saeima this week. Instead he gave parties time until Monday, 26 November, to reach an agreement on a potential candidate on their own.

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