Technologies and armament mean nothing without people

There is enormous development ahead of Latvia’s National Armed Forces (NAF) in the next decade, said NAF Commander Leonīds Kalniņš in an interview to public broadcaster LTV programme Rīta panorama on 5 July.

According to Kalniņš, in the next decade Latvia’s armed forces can expect a considerable increase in technological provision and intensity of military exercises.

Latvia’s NAF commander also admits that the main military base in Ādaži is slowly becoming small. However, Latvian armed forces have no plans to make Ādaži a heavily militarized zone. This means development from now on is planned to focus on three other army sites in other regions in Latvia.

Kalniņš stresses that soldiers are every army’s main element, because technology and armament mean nothing without people.

Celebration of Latvian Army’s 100th birthday will be held on 11th November Riverbank in Riga 6 July. This includes a concert, a parade of Latvian National Armed Forces and an exhibition of Latvian and allied equipment and vehicles.

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